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National Development and Reform Commission, deputy director

       On the morning of May 26, 2017, Fei Hongping, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Wang Jenjie, director of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, and Li Jinsong, deputy director of the Xiangtan Municipal Development and Reform Commission, visited the blue and blue environmental science and technology limited liability company, Study on Yijiaping Comprehensive Management Project in Zhubu Port. Blue River Branch General Manager Zhu Haiquan, chief engineer Professor Liu Lifang warm reception.

        The delegation visited the site of Yijiaping comprehensive treatment project and learned more about the process of soil restoration. Hunan Blue Lanke General Manager Zhu Haiquan first to the delegation and his party introduced Xiangtan City Port Port to carry out the old industrial area of industrial restructuring and development planning, and Yijiaping area site pollution comprehensive management project carried out a detailed description of the introduction.
        Hunan Liu Lanfang Chief Engineer Liu Lifang to the leaders of the peer to focus on the introduction of the blue section of the Hunan soil restoration project technical characteristics and the effectiveness of governance.
        In the research, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other leaders of the Hunan Blue Central Branch in the field of soil restoration achievements to be highly praised, and fully affirmed the company in Yijiaping comprehensive treatment project results.